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Company Profile


QPR New Zealand

QPR New Zealand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walker Psychology & Consulting Limited.  Much of our work  involves providing mental health services to government, non-government agencies and to the community in the areas of suicide prevention and postvention.  We also have over 15 years of experience working with primary care and specifically developing primary mental health care systems both in the US and in New Zealand. One of our key service delivery areas is the training and equipping of people to deal with the issue of suicide at a level appropriate to their situation, e.g., family member, counsellor, psychologist, GP, etc.  QPR New Zealand has worked to develop an integrated, evidenced-based, multi-tiered system that delivers suicide prevention training at the level appropriate to the person taking the course, that is readily and easily accessible and that is relevant to us in New Zealand.

Dr Paul Quinnett and the QPR Institute

Through networking with New Zealand and overseas researchers in the field of suicide prevention we began to hear about a training system called Question, Persuade and Refer or QPR.  QPR is an evidence-based suicide prevention training model.  Evaluation results show positive changes in participant's knowledge following training, increasing their skills and adjusting their attitudes about intervening with suicidal individuals.  QPR training results in an increase in an individual's comfort with, and frequency of asking clients about, suicidal thoughts and plans.

The QPR Institute has granted Walker Psychology & Consulting an exclusive licence to deliver QPR in New Zealand.  We have tailored the programme to reflect our New Zealand situation, statistics and  audiences. 

Walker Psychology & Consulting Limited

Walker Psychology offers mental health consultancy nationwide.  With a professional clinical staff and consultants, we bring a wide range of experience and expertise to our practice in mental health including clinical and research skills.


Our Values


As a company we are:

  • committed to best practice - innovative, pragmatic, responsive to need and research, evidence-based, professional and ethical; and
  • committed to the well-being of the organisations and communities we work with.

Our culture is one of openness, strong supportive relationships, collaborative involvement in decision making and collegiality.


Corporate Governance


Walker Psychology is a privately owned organisation.  The company is governed by a team of two directors who bring a wide range of skills, expertise and experience within and without the mental health sector including clinical, research, cultural, information technology and business management.

Walker Psychology is committed to high standards of corporate governance, leadership, risk management and internal control frameworks consistent with its status as a privately owned company and the stakeholders it represents.  Our clients and stakeholders are government departments, non-governmental organisations and community agencies.


Consulting Services


With a proven track record for high quality primary mental health care project management, clinical service delivery and suicide prevention and intervention skills and programs, Walker Psychology delivers nationwide consultation services with strong local connections.  Our skills and expertise cover a range of areas in the field of mental health. We endeavour to use our professional skills to develop and deliver services that support and advance the capabilities of individuals and organisations.

As a company and as individuals we are committed to practice that is:

  • innovative;
  • pragmatic;
  • evidence based;
  • responsive to need and research; and that is
  • professional and ethical.

Workforce Development


Walker Psychology offers workforce development and skills training in:

  • screening, assessment, monitoring and case management;
  • general mental health;
  • suicide prevention; and
  • suicide postvention.

Training services are targeted to an organisation's specific needs and to the skill levels of it's staff.  To maximise the ongoing benefit of the training and to minimise risk to the organisation or community, training programmes can include:

  • selection of staff appropriate to the training;
  • competency based assessment of staff ability to work effectively; and
  • both initial and ongoing refresher training.

In consultation with organisations and community groups Walker Psychology will assess current clinical services and assist in identifying needs and gaps in service provision.  In collaboration and consultation with stakeholders Walker Psychology will then formulate strategies and plans to address identified needs and gaps and, if required, develop and deliver appropriate clinical services.


Service Development


Service development and delivery offered by Walker Psychology includes:

  • clinical oversight, supervision and monitoring;
  • assessment, management and monitoring of suicide risk;
  • suicide prevention planning;
  • community support and education;
  • mental health services resource identification, liaison and co-ordination.

Evaluation and Research


Walker Psychology undertakes practice based/applied research and evaluation of mental health services.  We have experienced researchers to doctorate level with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.


Training and Consultation


Walker Psychology & Consulting Ltd provides high level training, supervision, organisational assessment and support in a wide range of mental health topics.  Training topics and consultation services include:

  • Dealing with Challenging Client Interactions
  • Adolescent Mental Health
  • Treating Depression and Anxiety in Primary Care
  • Resilience Training for Clinicians
  • Mindfulness Practices for Clinicians and their Clients
  • Interpersonal Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Effective Communication
  • Highly Reliable Organisations - Developing a Safe and Effective Work Environment

Walker Psychology clinical staff and contracted professional clinical trainers are available to provide tailored services to your organisation designed to meet the specific needs and interests of your staff to best meet the needs of your clients and the populations you serve.