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Each year in New Zealand, over 500 people complete suicide, and approximately 6 times that number attempt suicide resulting in hospitalisation. These unfortunate tragedies are preventable. QPR is an evidence-based and award winning suicide prevention training model that takes a systems wide approach to effectively train an organisation's staff or individuals to reduce the risk of suicide.

QPR New Zealand offers comprehensive on-line course packages as well as face-to-face classroom workshops to cost effectively train organisations, community members and individuals in the use of suicide prevention strategies. These courses are available as an overall training system to enable organizations to train staff, at an appropriate level, to ensure competence in suicide risk detection, assessment and management. Individuals can choose the course or courses suited to their own particular requirements for suicide prevention training.

QPR Gatekeeper foundational suicide screening and prevention training, as well as the Advanced Suicide Triage and Risk Management training are available on-line and are also offered as face-to-face classroom training.

QPR New Zealand

Walker Psychology and Consulting Ltd is licenced by the QPR Institute to exclusively provide QPR services in New Zealand. These are delivered and managed under the name QPR New Zealand.

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About the QPR Institute

The QPR Institute (www.qprinstitute.com) is a suicide prevention training organization committed to reducing suicide attempts and completions.  The Institute offers comprehensive suicide prevention training programs, educational and clinical materials for the general public, professionals and institutions.

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer -- 3 simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.  Just as people are trained in CPR to help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to question, persuade, and refer someone for help.


Suicide Prevention Courses


Our comprehensive suicide prevention courses cost-effectively train staff and community members on suicide prevention strategies at levels appropriate to a person's role and need. Everyone can take part in preventing suicide as courses are available for:

  • people in all walks of life, lay and professional, individuals, volunteers and organisations
  • those having first contact with persons at risk for suicidal behaviours and
  • professionals who evaluate and work with suicidal persons.

QPR Gatekeeper Foundational Training: Suicide Screening

QPR Gatekeeper Training introduces a comprehensive first-level suicide screening method for people in all walks of life, lay and professional, individuals and organisations. This training programme, available online or in face-to-face classroom training will equip you with the confidence and competence to Question someone about thoughts of suicide and then to Persuade them to accept a Referral for help. Like CPR, this training has the potential to save lives by training all of us to know what to say, to know what to do and how to act when someone we know is at risk for suicide. Information is provided about suicide prevention risk factors and warnings signs.
QPR Suicide Screening is:

  • Offered on-line or face-to-face and includes video and interactive learning
  • May be completed in as little as two hours
  • Is assessed using a competency-based quiz
  • Includes a Certificate of Course Completion
  • Includes a downloadable e-book "Suicide: the forever decision"

QPR Gatekeeper training is designed to provide you with the skills to question persons of concern to determine if there is a risk of suicide and to equip you to know what to do, what to say and how to proceed to save a life.

QPR Advanced Triage and Suicide Risk Management Training:

Advanced Triage and Suicide Risk Management training teaches participants how to probe for, and initially assess immediate risk factors for suicidal behaviours, and how to immediately enhance protective factors. This more advanced training builds on the skills offered in QPR Gatekeeper foundational training, going beyond basic first-level screening. It is designed to train participants to make an initial assessment of suicide risk and to "triage" the at-risk person to a professional for further assessment and care.  The course also addresses the needs of professionals and clinicians responsible for the care of suicidal individuals.  Course material covers risk management, safety planning, and provides an evidence based method to determine lethality and to enhance protective factors.

The target audience for QPR Advanced Training includes professionals - psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, substance abuse treatment providers, and or any registered professionals who evaluates and/or works with suicidal persons.  The course is also designed to provide essential screening and assessment skills for  school counsellors, nurses, help-line staff, social workers, case managers, clergy, police, correctional staff, probation officers, ambulance officers and other professionals in a position to have first contact with persons at risk for suicidal behaviours.

QPR Advanced Triage and Suicide Risk Management training uses interactive teaching methods and multimedia presentations, offering hands-on practice, tools, techniques and resources for those in a position to screen for suicide risk as well as for professional clinical providers. The course is available either online or in a face-to-face classroom format.