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QPR Gatekeeper Foundational Training: Suicide Screening


QPR, the "Question, Persuade and Refer" training programme is a comprehensive first-level suicide screening method for individuals in the community and for organizations.

QPR is a straightforward and highly accessible on-line, multi-media adult learning programme to teach laypersons and professionals how to recognize that a person may be contemplating suicide and how to ask them about suicide risk.  QPR presents the steps to Question a person to determine if they have suicidal thoughts or plans followed by instruction in how to Persuade and to then Refer someone at-risk for further assessment and/or treatment.

Online Training

As QPR training is available online, participants can work at their own pace section by section, at home and or at work, anywhere where there is an Internet connection.  Participants can refresh their learning as often as required during the 12-month subscription period.   

Face-to-Face Classroom Instruction

QPR Gatekeeper Foundational training is also available face-to-face in either a half-day or a full-day training workshop.  Face-to-face training can be tailored to your organisation's needs and specific needs, i.e., child and adolescents, primary care, law enforcement, NGO - social work, mental health support work, addictions, etc.

QPR Gatekeeper Foundational Training:  Suicide Screening is designed to teach people in all walks of life, lay and professional, how to identify and intervene by referring a potentially suicidal individual for  further assessment and care through three simple steps:  Question, Persuade and Refer.  This course includes a behavioural action plan you can use to move a willing or ambivalent suicidal person to accept a referral for professional assessment and care.  According to Dr Paul Quinnett, the developer of QPR, the programme's concepts are intentionally selected to:

  1. Provide a progressive stepwise intervention leading to a specific intended outcome which is supported by the published literature on brief and effective suicide interventions.
  2. Achieve a helpful dialogue between someone at risk for suicide and a trained person, which may lead to a reduction in the risk of a suicide attempt.
  3. Conceptually link QPR to CPR - a well-known, universal intervention for emergent medical crises that can be executed by trained lay persons.

QPR can be delivered strategically to individuals and organizations in key positions of influence who will be trained to provide first level suicide screening.  The training programme includes:

  • Size and scope of the problem
  • Risk factors for suicide
  • The warning signs of a suicide crisis
  • The common causes of suicidal behaviour
  • Relationship of mental illness to suicide
  • When and how to Question suicidal people and why
  • How to Persuade people to accept help
  • How to Refer people to resources
  • How to get help for someone in crisis

QPR Suicide Screening - Training Objectives

  • Understand the background, rationale and guidelines for use of the QPR Suicide Screening Method.
  • Identify information on suicide risk reduction practices and critical information on unrecognized suicide risk.
  • Discuss the epidemiology of suicide and describe the relationship between mental illness and suicide.
  • State recognized risk factors for suicide
  • Use the QPR Suicide Screening process, including asking the "Suicide Question," supporting the suicidal person's decision to get help, assisting the suicidal person in accessing additional resources.

Training includes information for increased awareness and knowledge related to screening for suicidal thoughts and behaviours as well as practical skills training regarding when and how to ask the "Suicide Question".




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Further Information


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